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Internet Blackholes

Internet Blackholes

…What does it mean, and more importantly how can and does it affect you?

This last year has seen the defeat of  PIPA and SOPA in the US, but what seem like huge victories are actually only minor wins.

Across the world censorship on the Internet is rapidly turning the information super highway into a desolate place. People tend to think of China when they think of Internet Censorship, but it’s not the only place. It’s happening here and now in almost every place on the globe, even the United States.


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I recently recovered this post from our old site, since this post was written I have collected more interesting data.

AT&T - Death Star Communications

AT&T – Death Star Communications

AT&T’s LTE speeds are impressive. My experience ranged from 20MBps down to almost 80MBps down over their LTE, for upload bandwidth from 9MBps up to over 50MBps up. By contrast with Comcast’s biggest baddest home cable connection I average 18MBps down and 2MBps up. AT&T’s data speeds are constant its not a short burst at those speeds its sustained for the entire connection.

This data has also been compared with Verizon and Sprint. Verizon’s LTE network has averaged around 25MBps down and 5MBps up comparatively Sprint’s WiMax network delivered 14MBps down and 2MBps up. AT&T also wins out for the ability to run voice, data and text simultaneously. So while AT&T might not have the greatest customer service they do have a far superior network, and for those of us that don’t talk to customer service and do rely heavily on speedy and reliable data. AT&T is the choice.

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Windows Stop Error  (Blue Screen of Death)

Windows Stop Error (Blue Screen of Death)

Ok. so, Im tired of seeing these ads for these websites claiming if you get a blue screen you have a virus and you need to go to their site to take care of it. Blue screen errors (technical term is Stop Error) are generally drivers or a hardware fault such as a failing hard drive.

If you have a slow computer it doesn’t mean something is wrong, it generally means you have too much crap open or your rocking a machine thats more than 3-5 years old. If it is out of date and slow you can do things to make it better, you can add memory to it (RAM not hard disk space).

Please people, don’t go to these sites, they cause way more problems than they could ever fix including doing damage to the Windows registry that ultimately requires a reinstallation of Windows. If you have computer problems please call a professional. Sites like MyCleanPC, MakeMyPCFast, DoubleMySpeed and others are scams, and will only harm your computer.!Most of the software that is loaded to your computer by these sites is spyware that keeps track of your online habits.

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Windows 8 Presentation

Windows 8 Presentation (Photo credit: Michael Kappel)

Microsoft is at it again.

As Windows 7 is seeing an uptake in the Enterprise space, with its “Built for Business” orientation, Microsoft rolls out Windows 8, with a user interface inspired by smart phones and tablets.

While it looks “friendly”, many long used features that business users depend on are missing, or obscured by a User Interface (UI) that tries to be all things to all users.

The problem is, if Windows 7 was “Built for Business”, Windows 8 looks more like it was designed to hold the hands of the computer-phobic, without giving the computer savvy a way out of the hand-holding structure.
Talking with other front-line user-support specialists, setting up Windows 8 is a drawn-out, time-consuming process, and many retailers are having issues, with machines that don’t successfully complete the setup becoming boat-anchors, because there is no technology available to wipe out user settings, for Windows 8, yet.

In my (oft overstated) opinion, Windows 8 is not yet ready for the business world, but may be just the thing to bring your computer-phobic relatives to the Internet.

Give it some time for Enterprise support tools, and the further growth of touch screen PCs, and it may become the heir to Windows 7’s business success.

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