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Some of you may have seen the moon appear to go dark and then change colors last night. We have actually gotten a couple of calls about it and so for those of you wondering what happened last night this will answer your questions.

Ebb and Flow

An artist’s depiction of the twin probes Ebb and Flow that comprise NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory mission

Last night (December 17th, 2012), around 9:30pm GMT -6,  you may have (if you were lucky) seen a once in a life time sight. Last night the GRAIL (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory), NASA mission came to an end.   (more…)

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I saw this post on Facebook this morning and honestly could not believe what I was reading. I am amazed at how uninformed and misinformed people truly are.

Ok, so let me run down the list and explain all of those and how wrong each actually is.

In no particular order here goes:

First up, Planet X. Planet X was at one point the designation for Pluto, since then it has been used for the dwarf planets of Quar, Xion, and 2 others. All if these dwarf planets are 30+ AUs (Astronomical Unit). There has not been anything with the designation of Planet X in the scientific community in more than 10 years. Planet X is a generic term used by astronomers over the past century for any unknown or hypothesized planets beyond Pluto. (more…)

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With all the doomsday talk, I figure its time for an alternative and slightly brighter possibility that is rarely talked about.
H stone wall at Pumka Punka
All over the world there are shining examples of great feats that were accomplished 10,000 – 20,000 years ago, presumably without anything but stone tools. A good example of this is at Pumka Punka (see image to the right). After close examination of the cuts even with the exposure to the elements all of the cuts are perfect 90 degree angles. The tools needed to create such intricate cuts would be along the lines of a laser or a high speed diamond saw. Even with these tools under a microscope the cuts are still cleaner and with no striations or whirls. Our most advanced cutting tools are not capable of making cuts this precise. 17,000 years ago the tools would not have been even a figment of someones imagination.

Ancient Egyptian Astronaut CarvingEgyptian Space Shuttle CarvingAnother curiosity point is the carvings of what appears to be astronauts found in Egypt and dated to be more than 9,000 years old more than resemble our own modern space suits. In addition models of what resembles the recently retired NASA space shuttle have been found from around the same time. Both of these indicate a level of technology or at the very least a level of understanding far beyond the technology of the time.

There are references in the Mayan culture, Egyptian culture and many others concerning “visitors from the sky”. Throughout ancient history these references occur over and over again. While there are plenty of allusions to “visitors” coming to our planet there are a handful that mention those visitors leaving and yet others that refer to their return. However all of these references stop fairly recently. If aliens do exist (the probability of us being alone in the universe is very low in all reality) and have visited us in the past why would they suddenly stop? Well here are a couple possibilities.

EarthFirst, they observed us in the past during our more primitive stages and we have now hit a point where they are no longer interested in us. If this scenario where to be correct, likely if we ever develop faster than light travel, we will see them again.

Second, they observed us in the open, and are now doing so in secret as to not hamper our natural progress (think some kind of cloak to allow them to walk amongst us while remaining undetected).

Third, our planet was a stop off point where raw materials could be gathered. Gold is universally useful in electronics including data storage, our planet and star system is also rich in many other resources that might be useful to a space fairing civilization. If they were extracting resources from other places in our solar system, our planet might have been little more than a tourist stop (a zoo if you will).

Forth, something has prevented them from returning, an interstellar war for example may have interfered with research style missions.

By now one would assume that would have overheard some kind of communication traffic at the very least right? A possible explanation could be that they may not use the kinds of communication that we understand for example, radio frequency transmissions might have been replaced for them by something faster considering that they have to travel thousands of light years, a faster form of communication would be needed. For a standard radio wave based signal to get from Mars to Earth takes around 30 minutes, and thats our closest neighboring planet. For star systems as far away as our closest neighbor (Alpha/Proxima Centauri) the signal would take almost 5 years.

Mayan CalendarThe 5,125 year-old Mayan calendar suddenly comes to an end, resetting to on December 21, 2012. The Mayan information about this doesn’t precisely say the end of the world, it boils down to the end of an era or age, the calendar resets not really ends. If taken to be that December 21st 2012 will be the end of an age, perhaps it will be that the age that ends is us believing we are alone in the universe. The possibility that late this December we wake up to find that we are not and have never been alone is not quite as remote as we might think. Water has been found light years away, and even in our own star system on Mercury. This is just a possible scenario, one a little less doom and gloom. While this may not happen, none of it may happen, or all. No one knows and no one will until we get there. However the human capacity to always assume the worst case scenario doesn’t always serve us well.

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