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I recently recovered this post from our old site, since this post was written I have collected more interesting data.

AT&T - Death Star Communications

AT&T – Death Star Communications

AT&T’s LTE speeds are impressive. My experience ranged from 20MBps down to almost 80MBps down over their LTE, for upload bandwidth from 9MBps up to over 50MBps up. By contrast with Comcast’s biggest baddest home cable connection I average 18MBps down and 2MBps up. AT&T’s data speeds are constant its not a short burst at those speeds its sustained for the entire connection.

This data has also been compared with Verizon and Sprint. Verizon’s LTE network has averaged around 25MBps down and 5MBps up comparatively Sprint’s WiMax network delivered 14MBps down and 2MBps up. AT&T also wins out for the ability to run voice, data and text simultaneously. So while AT&T might not have the greatest customer service they do have a far superior network, and for those of us that don’t talk to customer service and do rely heavily on speedy and reliable data. AT&T is the choice.

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