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I have been an AT&T wireless customer starting in 2005. In mid 2009 I added DSL service. AT&T called in early November of 2009, and told me I was being moved to combined billing (for my DSL and wireless service on my account).

AT&T aka Death Star Communications

From November of 2009 to February of 2010 I did not receive a bill. I tried on multiple occasions to call and make a payment and was told as I had a $0 balance on my account that they would not take a payment.

In March of 2010 AT&T called and told me that I owed $1654 immediately or my services would be cancelled (at which point I would owe over $1800). As I did not have that kind of money lying around I was unable to pay before the phone call ended. I went to the store on Airport road in Huntsville AL where I lived to try to see if they could do anything. Taking with me screenshots showing my account had a zero balance for each of the last 4 months. The store refused to do anything and told me to contact support over the phone.

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Here’s a blast from the past. Originally published March 14, 2009.  This post encapsulates my core philosophies of IT.

Hello ElectricityI have always been involved with technology.  When I was a child, I disassembled it, and usually put it back together.  When I got old enough to be gainfully employed, I started working in the technology field.  So I think that I have a suitable background to talk about technology.  Those of you who’ve been reading here for any length of time must think so to, because you keep coming back.

In this world, we’ve grown amazingly dependent on technology.  I realized this at a very early age.  We’ve got electronic traffic lights, to keep people moving safely.  We’ve got technology that makes sure the electricity makes it to us, and that makes sure the water and sewer keeps flowing.  We’ve got technology to keep us warm, to cool us off, and to prepare our meals, and to make sure our food doesn’t rot before we eat it. (more…)

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Dave - A  Casual Moment

David Dabney

David has more than 30 years in Information Technology, as well as many facets of Technology Manufacturing and Production. His expertise includes Quality Assurance, Project Management/Support, Staff Management, and managing Data Center Operations.

Previous experience includes a host of technical environments; Failure Analysis, Radiography, Scanning Electron Microscopy, VAX/VMS Systems, Networking, Data Recovery, and Software Management.

Dave currently is involved in project research and development for mobile device forensics, leading a software and hardware development team for a law enforcement/military use.

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