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The Patch
As many of you know the Mayan calendar resets on the 21st of December. This is not the end of the world. God is releasing an update for the universe. This patch is to resolve many of the complaints he has received about various physics bugs. From the information we have the patch has been installed successfully and should become effective soon.

Some (not all) of the bugs addressed in this patch:

  • Report #9283920 – Flaming Ice
  • Report #9282719 – Gravity Stops working
  • Report $10923825 – Fragile materials behaving improperly
  • Report #82912003 – Depreciated of SWAG concept
  • Report #20203402 – Depreciated of YOLO concept
  • Report #66672840 – Fixed sunshine while raining
  • Report #12639610 – Fixed snow with thunder and lightning


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December 21st 2012 – 7PM

That’s when the Mayan calendar resets. Many people think that this will be the end of the world or some massive cataclysm. In reality their calendar has reset before (a long time ago). However people are often not exposed to all the facts. The Mayans disappeared without a trace, leaving only relics from a long forgotten age.

What happened to the Mayans? Why does their calendar end at such a specific time? Does it mean the end of the world?  (more…)

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I saw this post on Facebook this morning and honestly could not believe what I was reading. I am amazed at how uninformed and misinformed people truly are.

Ok, so let me run down the list and explain all of those and how wrong each actually is.

In no particular order here goes:

First up, Planet X. Planet X was at one point the designation for Pluto, since then it has been used for the dwarf planets of Quar, Xion, and 2 others. All if these dwarf planets are 30+ AUs (Astronomical Unit). There has not been anything with the designation of Planet X in the scientific community in more than 10 years. Planet X is a generic term used by astronomers over the past century for any unknown or hypothesized planets beyond Pluto. (more…)

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