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So, if you follow Axis & I, you know we work with computers, both in our day jobs, and for many clients on the side, in our down time. Being techies, we’re good at solving a broad range of technical issues, but some times the business side is just a bother.  We have found tools to help us with invoicing, The final area that lots of quality technical people run into trouble with is Lead Generation.  I am experimenting with a new website which appears to do a very good job of lead generation.  In the first 2 days, its provided me with 5 leads. I’m still building my profile there, but they have excellent tools, and helpful support people that make it all very simple to put together a solid representation of your skills, and even lets you include reviews by your existing clients.

Once my profile is complete, its looking like I’ll have a solid lead generation system, with the ability to provide quotes to leads as they come in. So, it sounds pretty sweet, huh? It is. Submitting a quote to a lead is inexpensive, and if your quote isn’t looked at by the potential client, that small fee is refunded.  Leads are sent out to all available users, but only the first 5 quotes are sent to the potential client, meaning a high probability of collecting a new client, for a very reasonable cost.

So, if you need help generating leads, drop by


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Merry Christmas

We would like to take a moment to wish all of our readers a very merry Christmas. We hope all of you that are traveling are safe and you have a wonderful holiday with friends and family.

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Back from Holiday

And busy as ever. Sorry we haven’t updated since New Years. More fresh new content is on its way.

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Less than 2 Days

Thank you

Thank you (Photo credit: Avard Woolaver)


…and we’ve had 800 hits.


Thanks to all of you, our readers, and we will do our best to be worthy of that rarest of commodities, your attention.  In this attention driven world, we realize that you don’t have to spend the time reading our blog.  We hope that the fact that you do, is indicative of our authors and editor putting together something you find informative, and enjoy.


We plan to keep finding the stories that interest you, and expose you to the freshest technology trends.



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