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Pope Quote

With all of the recent talk of increasing the minimum wage, the mega wealthy, the tea party, and the Pope’s comments on trickle down economics. Lets look at some facts.

Lets start with trickle down economics. The economic idea of trickle down economics got its start under President Reagan. Some people still refer to it as Reaganomics. It is the belief that giving tax breaks to the wealthy will cause them to have more money and thus create more jobs and stimulate the economy. The problem is that this doesn’t account for the ever expanding greed of the mega wealthy. (more…)

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A Christmas tree in Altoona, Pennsylvania

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With Christmas just around the corner many of you have probably heard about the supposed war on Christmas. This is an out-and-out lie. It is nothing more than a ratings ploy by Fox News and others.

Yes there are people in America that don’t celebrate Christmas, and yes that number is increasing. This is because America as it has been since its inception, is a melting pot. The usual group of the Jewish community, has been joined by Hispanics, Kurdish, Somali, Chinese and many others. So yes, Christmas is still a major holiday in America but there are many other cultures that have holidays this time of year. Since there is now more going on from November to January than Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years, just saying Merry Christmas doesn’t cover it. No one is asking you not to celebrate Christmas. (more…)

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