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Road RageIf you have ever been to a big city, you will notice pretty quickly that traffic can get pretty bad. But there is a big difference between congestion on the roads and drivers that seem like they are out to kill you. When looking into what states have the  worst drivers, you might be surprised at what other information you find.

Here are a few interesting observations about the states with the word drivers based on the following five categories: (per the research of Car Insurance Comparison)

  • Fatalities Rate per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled
  • Failure to Obey (Traffic Signals + Seat Belts)
  • Drunk Driving
  • Tickets
  • Careless Driving.


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Pope Quote

With all of the recent talk of increasing the minimum wage, the mega wealthy, the tea party, and the Pope’s comments on trickle down economics. Lets look at some facts.

Lets start with trickle down economics. The economic idea of trickle down economics got its start under President Reagan. Some people still refer to it as Reaganomics. It is the belief that giving tax breaks to the wealthy will cause them to have more money and thus create more jobs and stimulate the economy. The problem is that this doesn’t account for the ever expanding greed of the mega wealthy. (more…)

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In the US where the top 2% are getting richer and richer with help of Republicans and the Tea Party, and the other 98% are only getting poorer, Republican law makers in 2 states are upping the ante.

Katniss, Hunger Games

In Georgia and Tennessee, Republican law makers are in the process of passing legislation that would cut food stamps and other forms of government assistance for poor families if their children’s grades fall below all A’s. This would apply to all families on assistance, even those who have students with learning disabilities and other handicaps. Under the law, assistance could be cut up to 30% depending on the grades of the child. In families with multiple children, up to 40% based on the average of all of the children in the home. Students who get lunch assistance from the state would also see a decrease in the amount of assistance for their lunches.

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For our Christian readers, Merry Christmas!

For our Spanish speaking readers Feliz Navidad!

For our rational non-theists, Happy Sir Isaac Newton’s Birthday!

For our Jewish readers, a belated happy Hanukkah!

For pagans, Merry Solstice or Happy Saturnalia, or Blessed Yule!

And for my son, the atheist, Merry Christmas (only, you know, that secular “Ho, Ho, Ho”, boosting the economy, but don’t mention Christ kind).

May you all have a happy holiday surrounded by friends and family.

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