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Hello, if you’re reading this please keep an open mind. The information contained within has strong scientific roots and explains many things around the world that don’t quite add up.

In a previous article, A Musing about December 21st 2012 we discussed the possibility that aliens have visited this planet before in the past. In this article we will go into that further and point out how that can and likely does tie in to history.

As you have probably already read, in Egypt we have found very old gold models of what look very much like our own space shuttles and space suits. The models resembling the space shuttle have been tested in wind tunnels and have been found to be accurate and aerodynamic enough that if scaled to full size (a size approximating our shuttles) would fly quite well. The models that look like space suits are a fairly usable design. How would the ancient Egyptians have come up with these?


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