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iPhone 5 Black

iPhone 5 Black

As many of you know Apple released the iPhone 5 in late October of 2012. What is truly astonishing about this is the shear volume of sales that the device has done. In its first weekend it sold more than 5 million units alone. In a recent bit of research conducted by several independent groups some amazing and interesting facts have come to light. One of the most noticeable being that the iPhone 5 sales alone have single-handedly moved the entire $15 trillion U.S. economy by half a percent. That statistic doesn’t count the sale of older generation iPhones or any of Apple’s other hardware such as the MacBook, iPad, or iMac. Apple has over the last year taken the stock market by storm, and set record after record.


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Our Newest Author

ImageTo continue in our ongoing mission of bringing you relevant content, We are adding to our stable of technically savvy authors.

These are technologists with insight, and experience who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

The IT Jedi is rejoining the blog, and will be offering technical advice on a variety of subjects.

His background includes several years working as a computer forensics specialist and private investigator, 7 years as a web designer and graphic artist, and nearly a decade of providing computer support.

He is our go to guy for all things Apple, with years of experience with Mac OS9, OSX, iOS. the Mac, and iDevices.  He also has a long relationship with Microsoft Windows, and the Android OS.

We are also pleased to announce that an old and dear friend, Dave Dabney is joining the blog. Our next post on this subject will include his biography.


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