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Pope Quote

With all of the recent talk of increasing the minimum wage, the mega wealthy, the tea party, and the Pope’s comments on trickle down economics. Lets look at some facts.

Lets start with trickle down economics. The economic idea of trickle down economics got its start under President Reagan. Some people still refer to it as Reaganomics. It is the belief that giving tax breaks to the wealthy will cause them to have more money and thus create more jobs and stimulate the economy. The problem is that this doesn’t account for the ever expanding greed of the mega wealthy. (more…)

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New Years Eve Thoughts

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve (Photo credit: volantwish)


Well, 2012 is winding down, the Champagne has been bought, the pizza supplies have been bought (we are  hosting a “make your own pizza” party New Years Eve), the Christmas tree has been packed away for another year, and the Titans are playing their last game of he year.


We have had a very eventful year, with a wedding, birthdays, rehab from my stroke, and more.


We have lots to be thankful for, including two children who have made A-B honor roll every grading period, a beautiful, healthy grandson, and ample employment for everyone in our circle of friends.  We have our health, and with our new gym membership, we are planning to improve that further.


Here’s to all our readers, and hoping you all have a wonderful 2013, too!


Sydney Harbour prior to the 2008 new years eve...




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Gun Collection

Gun Collection

If you are one of those people posting about how “it has nothing to do with guns”, “this wouldn’t happen if we had more guns”, or “gun control caused this shooting” while at the same time posting “my thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the Newtown shooting” or something similar. This is aimed heavily at you and for the rest of the people this is meant to serve as an informational post. Please read this with an open mind. The suggestions in the post are easy to understand and fairly easily implemented.


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Thankful for…


Thanksgiving dinner is past. The food was wonderful. The guests were greeted, a toast was offered, and the turkey was carved. Plates and glasses were filled, and refilled.

When the topic turned, as it always does at Thanksgiving, to the topic of thankfulness”, I had plenty to be thankful for.

In the past year, I have recovered, and rehabbed from a stroke; married the most wonderful woman. I am thankful for my job, my beautiful children, my wonderful grandson and the rest of my family. I am thankful for my friends, and pleased to be blogging again.

I am also thankful, to you, my readers. I hope that you all have also had a wonderful thanksgiving.


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