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R.E.M. - Everybody here! 26/09/2008

R.E.M. – Everybody here! 26/09/2008 (Photo credit: Ardesia)

Well, the End-of-the-World was more of a fizzle than anything else, and so we are starting our End-of-the-World wrap up coverage early.

No Airplanes, no snakes, not much of anything. Just the same old same old. Media talking heads, traffic, and the one week memorials for the Sandy Hook deaths.

It’s that there really was nothing special about today.  Except perhaps the collective sigh of relief from the whole world.

Even though this isn’t the End-of-the-World, let’s go out with a song.
We now present the REM‘s “It’s The End-of-the-World as We Know It“…

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