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Soldier's Peg Leg

Soldier’s Peg Leg

The line between Science and Science Fiction is blurring. Prosthetic limbs have been around for hundreds of years, from the peg legs of pirates and civil war soldiers, to the old claw like replacement arms we, as humans have tried to regain our mobility and functionality after tragic events. In Science Fiction moves such as Star Wars seem to have been to gold standard when it comes to the idea of prosthetics. Human looking limbs that replace 100% of functionality and require no learning curve. We haven’t gotten there quite yet, but we have come a long way from peg legs.

Prosthetic Running Leg

Prosthetic Running Leg

In recent years we have developed prosthetic legs that have such a natural feel and are functional enough that they have allowed their users to win races against, able-bodied people. Replacement limbs are also making strides in looking more natural. Instead of claw style grabbers we have more realistic looking hands and arms.


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