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Radar on iPhone

StickNFind Radar on iPhone

Ever lost your keys or the remote?

Know how much of a pain it can be to find them? Well, we ran across an awesome device that will be available soon. The product StickNFind, which we found on the crowdsourcing site Indiegogo, uses bluetooth tags and your iOS or Android based phone to locate them.

The tags can be pinged to make noise and light up, in addition to showing up on the application’s “radar” screen. The application lets you see approximate distances from your phone or tablet but unfortunately not direction.

The company promises that the applications are more far reaching than simply finding lost keys or remotes (though in all fairness that’s what we are sure most people will use them for).

They posit that their stickers can be attached to your luggage when traveling to assist in  finding  it at the baggage pickup; attached to children’s backpacks (your kids only please) to help keep track of their stuff; or even possibly your wife’s car so you can have some advanced warning when she pulls in.

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