AT&T’s Telcom F*ckery

I have been an AT&T wireless customer starting in 2005. In mid 2009 I added DSL service. AT&T called in early November of 2009, and told me I was being moved to combined billing (for my DSL and wireless service on my account).

AT&T aka Death Star Communications

From November of 2009 to February of 2010 I did not receive a bill. I tried on multiple occasions to call and make a payment and was told as I had a $0 balance on my account that they would not take a payment.

In March of 2010 AT&T called and told me that I owed $1654 immediately or my services would be cancelled (at which point I would owe over $1800). As I did not have that kind of money lying around I was unable to pay before the phone call ended. I went to the store on Airport road in Huntsville AL where I lived to try to see if they could do anything. Taking with me screenshots showing my account had a zero balance for each of the last 4 months. The store refused to do anything and told me to contact support over the phone.
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Executive Orders

Regan & ObamaSo if you were watching the President’s State of the Union address the other night you probably (if you were paying attention) heard him say that he was going to be using executive orders to push things through that will help the American people. If you are a Democrat you are probably happy about this, however if you are a Republican you are probably saying how horrible this is. After all, they’ve claimed for years that he wishes to rule more like a “king” or “dictator” with his abuse of the executive order.
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No, it doesn’t stand for rest in peace. Its the newest trend in ammunition. The RIP or  Radically Invasive Projectile is designed to cut like a saw through steel, fabric, glass, bullet proof glass, etc. Upon entry it throws off 8 spikes that travel away from the core of the bullet. In addition the projectile is designed to be used in automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Specifically the kind of weapons that can have 250 round clips and fling 80 rounds a minute.RIP Ammo

The problem isn’t so much that ammunition like this actually exists as much as anyone can get it. The round is able to penetrate most materials, narrowing down the number of places that are safe is someone is coming after you to almost no where. Even banks and other institutions that have bullet proof glass and other precautions, won’t be safe any more.

The bigger problem even still is the people that look at this and drool. I have personally seen people who upon looking at it and reading its specs drool and express that they plan to “replace all of their ammo with this”.
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Merry Christmas

We would like to take a moment to wish all of our readers a very merry Christmas. We hope all of you that are traveling are safe and you have a wonderful holiday with friends and family.